What is MFA and Why we are using it?

As a part of the 'Beyond Passwords' programme, the bank is introducing Microsoft Authenticator as the strategic Two Factor Authentication solution. Two factor authentication or 2FA provides a more secure method for authenticating users. Microsoft authenticator is a next generation 2FA secure cloud authentication method which will be replacing existing legacy RSA SecurID 2FA authentication method in future.

We are introducing a pilot for selected production users to use MFA on dbRASweb as an authentication method for remote working.


Steps to use MFA on dbRASweb:

  1. Open https://dbrasweb.db.com or https://dbrasweb-ext.db.com, Select your nearest location and select "Microsoft Authenticator" under choose how to authenticate.
  2. Please enter your email address.
  3. Please enter your windows password
  4. An approval request for Microsoft authenticator will be prompted
  5. Please approve request on your mobile device to login:
  6. Using One time Passcode instead of Approval notification.
    Note - if you are not able to get notification for approval request, you can use One time passcode within the application.
    . On desktop, choose "Sign in another way"
  7. Select "Use a verification code from my mobile app":
  8. On your mobile device, open the Authenticator app. You should see a screen similar to below that will list your Deutsche Bank account. Tapping on the account will show another screen with your One-time password code, which changes every 30 seconds.
  9. Once approved, host checker will start running (given user has the required roles):
Note: Please use RSA SecurID in case you receive below error: